The Plight of Mohmand’s Laborers

There is a major problem of neglect of safety of manual laborers in Pakistani construction and other related industries. It’s common to see workers without basic equipment as hard hats, face masks and safety goggles. As anyone who has any familiarity with construction related work can attest to the many health and safety hazards involved in this type of work.

From Express Tribune:

Ashraf says he used to work as a labourer with the recently deceased Ayaz Khan at a stone crushing factory in Shabqadar.

Ayaz, Ashraf says, was the tenth colleague he had lost in recent years due to health complications arising as a result of the dust spewed by stone crushing machines.

You would think that this factory would have been closed down a long time ago after the cause of death had become apparent. There is a complete disregard for the well-being and safety of manual laborers who are often viewed as being disposable and don’t really have a voice to speak on their behalf in the corridors of power.

“If the government fails to protect labourers, more such deaths can be expected in the locality,” Ashraf said as he coughed. He too is showing early symptoms of a dry cough and asthma.

The government in Pakistan is inept and not much can really be expected from it unless there is a major national uproar like there was in the rape and murder case of the two adolescent girls this past January. But to expect a national uproar over the deaths of manual laborers of a stone crushing factory, with Pakistani celebrities and media personalities leading the way on social media in giving this issue exposure, is wishful thinking.

Entire article from Express Tribune can be accessed here:

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