Pakstani Liberals & Their Love For Anything Anti-Pakistan

The recent ban on the showing of Bollywood film “PadMan” in Pakistan has caused the butt-hurt celebrity Liberals on our side of the border to come out and make tweets against the banning of the movie. Ostensibly because the film “spreads public awareness” about the female menstrual cycle.

Spreads awareness to whom though? To men? Why would any Pakistani man need a film, that too a Bollywood film, to teach him about the female menstrual cycle?

Any man who has some female relative(s) like a mother, sister(s), a wife, daughter(s), etc. inevitably at some point in his life will come to know of this matter, albeit not every minute detail of it, though eventually he will come to know of them.

In our society the younger generations receive knowledge on important matters from their elders. This has been the norm for centuries. The boys from their male relatives and the girls from their female relatives. Therefore it is absurd to even assume that a Bollywood film will somehow enlighten our population on such issues.

That our Liberals think a Bollywood film will inform the population about menstruation only goes to show that these people are completely disconnected from Pakistani society & culture and are living in their own little mental bubble and their disdain for the culture and traditions of the common Pakistani is not hidden either. This is not surprising considering most of them have grown up in the West and are now imposing their beliefs on the rest of Pakistan.

Take for example these tweets:

There is something called Public Decency, wherein out of respect for oneself and for others you do not discuss your private matters for everyone to see, hear and know. By the very same token would one also announce to the public when they have diarrhea? Pakistani Liberals not withstanding, any normal Pakistani would not.

Now i’m not surprised that the assault on public decency within Pakistani culture is being lead by Pakistani Liberals. While our sons are fighting in the LoC in Kashmir, many of whom have been martyred by Indian bullets, sacrificing their lives for their country, behind their backs the subversive element that are our Liberals are championing Indian movies and the tearing down of all social decency and norms that the average Pakistanis who make up the rank-and-file of our armed forces hold dear to their hearts and are putting their lives on the line for. This is treason, plain and simple.


Funeral prayer of a Pakistani soldier martyred in the Line of Control (LoC) by Indian firing. Image courtesy of

But wait, there’s more:

Ah, right. She’s a Feminist and she grew up in the West which explains everything about people like her, that is they have nothing in common with the struggles of the common Pakistani, they do not share our traditions, our dresses, our cultural norms and instead belittle us and lecture us from their moral high horse to teach us “backward peasants” the “way” to “true progress”. They impose their Western morality on the rest of us.

But one only has to look to the West where most of our Pakistani Liberal elites get their indoctrination from and see what these people seek to impose on the rest of us Pakistanis:

Brave Feminists Paint With Menstrual Blood –

Hero Feminist Uses Own Vaginal Yeast To Bake Bread –


To know what Pakistani Liberals want our future to look like, simply look at the modern West where they get their morality from. Image courtesy of Chicago Reader

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