Peak Feminism: Sexual Favors For Free Housing

In a traditional society the male relative(s), primarily the father or the husband looked after and took care of female relatives financial needs whilst also protecting them from predatory males who desired to sexually exploit them.

But since that was “evil” “patriarchy” which Feminism had to destroy because “strong women” don’t need men, now “modern” women have to fulfill all of these roles that at one point men did, only women are doing a terrible job of it since they are not biologically accustomed to do so.

This is “Freedom” and Women’s “Liberation”: Source

A landlord who offers free accommodation in return for sex says the ‘arrangements’ are not against the law, which he says take place with consenting adults, and that he frequently rejects messages from 16 and 17-year-olds.

His justification comes after recent figures claimed 250,000 women in Britain are being offered free or discounted rent in exchange for sexual favours, according to a This Morning special investigation.

Researcher Enya Quin-Jarvis came across a ‘hundred of adverts’ across the UK, offering the ‘friends with benefits’ living arrangement.

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke to the landlord, who chose to remain anonymous insisted there was nothing wrong with his ‘arrangements’.

This is what happens when you allow females free-reign to make their own decisions.

Explaining what he’s looking for, he added: ‘I’m seeking an arrangement. I’m very honest in what I say. I’m very forward and honest and don’t tell lies. I have been married and I have a family.

‘But I find that modern day relationships do not work and if they do they only work for a short period of time. Most females lie. They are working to an agenda.

Where’s the lie in that?

‘I offer them a life, more than a fully stocked fridge. They are still in touch with me. I’m not a pervert. It’s an arranged relationship. I have a fantastic life and I just want to share it.’

One may call this guy a greasy slimy pervert, but the fact does not change that women are willing to give sexual favors to men whom they perceive to be in power in exchange for resources (in this case rent-free living).

No matter how much you empower women, the sexual dynamics will remain the same. Women will always seek to provide powerful men with sex in exchange for resources. This can be destructive for a healthy society if left unchecked because the resulting offspring will not know who their father is and no man would want to take responsibility for children he does not perceive to be his own.

Historically traditional social institutions like the patriarchal family & marriage kept such destructive tendencies in check: female’s virginity for the male’s resources. A virgin female guarantees that the children are from a a single father while the father is now obligated to look after those children and their mother. But Feminists have destroyed the institution of marriage because it “empowers patriarchy”.

But hey, sexual predators and perverts are having a field day taking turns with these “liberated” women who’s bastard children no one will own up to.

One thought on “Peak Feminism: Sexual Favors For Free Housing”

  1. Wow this is very much tragic as to what you informed us about.

    I never looked at it this way but yes that’s very true, when you go for women empowerment men just leave the whole task of trying to protect them or give them resources.


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